South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Outfitters

Most people can think back to when they were a kid at Christmas time and they’d be able to track Santa’s trip around the globe on Christmas Eve. “Oh look, the newscaster said Santa’s sleigh was just spotted over Sturgis, South Dakota,” is what many moms have told their kids-- and it was/is always a treat when it’s “our city or town.”

South Dakota spring snow goose outfitters get excited about the migration of spring snow geese. It’s their job-- one they’re passionate about-- to track the migration so they know exactly where to take you-- the paying hunter-- in order to bag some birds. Geese migration patterns are to goose guides as Santa’s trip is to kids-- it excites them.

Each spring, more snow geese than you could ever count end up flying northward to Canada. They leave the continental United States, making stops along the way in places like Missouri, Nebraska, and the potholes of South Dakota. This is a migratory tradition “as old as time,” since it’s ingrained in the birds’ DNA (and brains) to do this.

Much like people who take a car trip have to stop at rest stops to eat meals, so do birds on their way to the Arctic. When the geese stop somewhere in South Dakota, the best outfitters, like Goosehog Outdoors, know where they are on any given day. After all, South Dakota spring snow goose outfitters who want to stay in business and maintain their sterling reputations must be on top of this sort of thing. No birds means no customers, right?

Traditionally, South Dakota has some hot spots to find geese: Lake Thompson, Sand Lake NWR and the James River Valley have been good hunting areas. That said, South Dakota spring snow goose guides can be competitive, such that they don’t want others to know their “secret” spots. Hey, in business, and in hunting, that’s fair, right? So, with that in mind, when you’re thinking of who to choose as your South Dakota spring snow goose outfitter, why not call Dan Hogfoss at 701-739-3130 and ask him some questions. Quiz him about where he generally takes hunters and how they’ve done in the past. Then ask what his thoughts are on the upcoming season and where he plans to guide his hunts. If you like his answers, then book a hunting package and go get yourself some birds!