South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts

South Dakota spring snow goose hunts can be incredible just for the sight of 1,000 birds overhead sometimes. Of course, with hunting there are no absolute guarantees, and that’s what makes it interesting…

Some hunters have unrealistic expectations for their South Dakota spring snow goose hunts. Like, for instance, expecting to take down 100 birds in a day. Frankly, if you get 5 to 10, you should be impressed with yourself. You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” right? That’s true for snow goose hunts.

It’s best to go into a hunt with low expectations so you don’t come away disappointed. After all, some days are better than others. It’s no wonder, then, that most guided hunts take place over a few days. That way, if one day is in the crapper, maybe the other days are better-- that’s the hope. There are a lot of factors to consider with hunting, including weather conditions, time of day, migration patterns, and having the right gun for the right shot...and being a good shot-- that’s on you!

Mother Nature can mess with good goose hunts. For example, what if you book your hunt and one of the days there’s an actual blizzard? The entire spread of decoys gets buried in the snow. Hey, it happens. Or what if there’s such a soaking rain that the fields are as muddy as could be? As much as people want to outsmart Mother Nature, she always wins.

Birds can be smart sometimes. It’s as if they know where the hunters are and they avoid them-- especially the older adults-- this ain’t their first rodeo. Much like fishing, snow goose hunts are a competition between man and animal. Of course man usually wins-- but not always.

What are some realistic expectations for South Dakota spring snow goose hunts? Shots should be between 30 and 50 yards. There shouldn’t be more than 6 hunters in the field. There should be plenty of decoys. Your guide should be passionate, experienced and encouraging. And you should take some breaks.

It’s a good idea to talk with a guide before booking a hunting package. Get an idea of what to expect so you don’t go in “blind.” Call Dan Hogfoss of Goosehog Outdoors to discuss your South Dakota spring snow goose hunts-- his number is 701-739-3130 or email him at