South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Guides

Not all South Dakota spring snow goose guides are the same. What are some tips for selecting the best?

For starters, ask your potential guide how long he has been doing it… Typically, you’d like a guide with more than a decade’s experience because time is a great teacher, right? That’s not to say you couldn’t work with a young newbie, but, for the most part, the older the guide, the better. Older guides are usually wiser and more seasoned. They know the ins-and-outs of hunting snow goose and have tales to tell from their younger years. Many hunters look forward to spending time with seasoned guides because they enjoy hearing their stories.

Next, consider your expectations and try to be realistic. That goes for outfitters, too. Some outfitters promote themselves in such a way that you’d think you’re guaranteed 100 birds a day-- don’t believe the hype. With South Dakota spring snow goose guides, you’ll want to find someone who is down-to-earth, has a passion for hunting, and will cheer you on during your pursuits. That’s the kind of guy you want to work with-- not some cocky blowhard who is just in it for the money.

With that in mind, get references! South Dakota spring snow goose guides all have developed reputations over the years. That means there are people out there whom you can talk to-- in-person, by phone, or email-- to find out what they thought of working with so-and-so and if they’d recommend him or her… or not. Also, pay attention to how the guides present themselves online and/or over the phone. Do their websites look up-to-date and well-written without typos? When you have a conversation on the phone, do you come away from it feeling positive about the interaction? Little things like that matter.

Finally, consider what kind of outfitters you feel most comfortable working with-- some hunters like to go with large, technologically-advanced guide services while others prefer more folksy small group hunts. And, like with most things, you get what you pay for. Be wary of South Dakota spring snow goose guides who offer such amazingly low rates that they seem too good to be true.