Our Hunts

North Dakota
fall tundra swan hunts

This is an incredible North Dakota Swan Hunting Adventure that you soon wont forget...


North Dakota
spring snow goose hunting

Snow goose hunting in North Dakota takes place in April; our North Dakota spring snow goose hunts are outstanding...


North Dakota
fall waterfowl hunts

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South Dakota
spring snow goose hunting

South Dakota spring snow goose hunts can be amazing to say the least. This is the spot in the northward migration...


What to expect

kids_spring_snow_goose_huntingWhat to expect on your hunt with Goosehog Outdoors

Once you arrive I will meet you the night before your hunt, I will introduce you to your experienced guide. I will go over any last minute details with you and your group. The morning of your hunt you will follow your guide to the field where the decoys are already set. You will load all of your stuff into a sled or the back of a ranger, all of our guides have transportation so you do not have to carry your stuff into the field. If you would like you can get a ride into the field. Once in the field you will place your stuff into the blinds and your guide will go over the safety speech, as well as explaining shooting lanes. This is also a great time if you have any last minute questions, your experienced guide will answer them at that time.

While hunting with us you will be hunting in one of our semi-permanent spreads or migrator rigs. This is the way we have hunted since the start and it has proved to be very successful. This means we hunt the same fields often, moving only when we feel it’s necessary. In all of the areas we hunt we have found several spots that the geese always migrate through and like to be in; we hunt near very large concentrations of staged and migrating flocks, decoying them as they fly over us.

We can accommodate groups of 6-24 hunters easily by splitting them up into groups of 6. If you do not have a group of 6 to get your own field we will combine you to no more than 8 in the field.

We also have a substantial amount of equipment, in each field there will be 1200-1500 deadly decoy or sillo sock windsock decoys, a comfortable rogers goose buster xl layout blind for each hunter as well as a snow cover for each blind, several rotary machines, and an electronic caller as well as a backup caller in case something happens. We are always prepared for every situation.

Hunting snow geese in the spring means that you are hunting wild birds. With that said birds are not guaranteed. An average day is 18-25 birds per field per day. There are always slow days, these are migrating birds and sometimes there is a lull in the migration. However there are great days that happen every year, this past season we had three days that broke the century mark with the best one being 126.

You as the hunter should come for the experience of the hunt, and spending time with friends and family, the hunting is a bonus. If your expectations are to harvest 100 birds per day or if you are a whiner snow goose hunting is not for you (this is a no whining hunt, we are here to have fun just as you are). If you have realistic expectations a spring snow goose hunt can be among the most fun out of all the waterfowl species to hunt. The best thing that you can do to help put more birds in the bag, is to shoot as much as you can out of a layout blind before your hunt.

At the end of the hunt your guide will help you clean the birds that where harvested that day. We use bird hitches so that a wing can be left on for legal transportation home.

Gear – What to bring

  • Waders (optional)
  • Rain Gear
  • Knee Boots (highly recommended)
  • Plenty of shot shells I suggest 3-4 boxes per day (I use 3” BB’s)
  • Cooler for taking birds home
  • Water proof clothing
  • Bring enough clothes for 20 degree weather or 70 degree weather
  • Sunscreen
  • beverages–(non-alcoholic) and snacks for the day
  • We typically take a break for lunch