North Dakota Goose Hunting Guides

North Dakota goose hunting guides can help you choose the best gun to hunt both Canadas and Snows. These birds are big and tough, so if you’re going to get ‘em, you’ll need big and tough shotguns.

For goose hunting, North Dakota goose hunting guides recommend shortening your stock. Since you’ll be wearing extra layers of clothing, adjustability is key. The Beretta A400 Xtreme gun is known for its adjustability as well as good recoil reduction. Also, consider rustproof metal. Goose guns typically have coatings-- Remingtons and Brownings are good brands with decent coatings. Since you don’t want moisture getting into your gun, internal plating should have a corrosion-resistant barrier. Remington, for instance, uses the nickel Teflon. On the outside, you want a safe gun that offers a decent grip. Your North Dakota goose hunting guides will typically have you hunting outside in wet and cold weather, so textured coatings are good for the grip. Both Remington and Beretta brands have over-molded rubber inserts on their pistol grips and forends. Meanwhile, if you can find a gun with an oversized trigger, that helps when you’re wearing gloves. Ideally, you want a safe, smartly designed, and dependable gun for hunting Canadas and Snows.

Specifically, some of the guns North Dakota goose hunting guides recommend using include the Remington Versa Max Sportsman shotgun, the Browning Maxus Realtree Max-5 semi-automatic waterfowl shotgun, the Winchester SX3 waterfowl semi-automatic shotgun, the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico semi-automatic shotgun, and/or the Benelli Super Black Eagle II semi-automatic shotgun. Bass Pro Shops sells these guns, in case you were wondering where to buy them. As for shot size, keep this in mind: because it has less surface area and less mass, small shot can penetrate deeper into geese. You can experiment with shot size and figure out what works best for you.

For the 2018 goose hunting season in the Dakotas, contact Dan Hogfoss to book your Spring hunt by calling 701-739-3130 or emailing