North Dakota Duck Hunting Outfitters

North Dakota duck hunting outfitters like Goosehog Outdoors offer hunting packages that can actually cost a hunter less than doing it all himself.

Imagine if you were a hunter and you made your own decoy spread. You’d have to truck a lot of decoys into the fields on your own. Where are you going to put them-- do you have the right kind of vehicle to hold ‘em all? Who is going to set them all up? Where will you store them when you’re done with them? Decoy-spreading is a lot of work; it costs time and money. It’s no wonder, then, that North Dakota duck hunting outfitters like Goosehog Outdoors get plenty of business-- they take care of decoy spreads so individual hunters don’t have to! Meanwhile, an outfitter typically has blinds and pits already set-up, which can save a hunter a lot of time, money and work.

Now how about figuring out where to hunt? Yes, you **could** lease the land you want to hunt on, but that gets pricey, especially if it’s just you paying the bill. Outfitters work out where they can guide hunts with various landowners so that you, the hunter, don’t have to worry about the details of land boundaries and who owns what, etc. North Dakota duck hunting outfitters make it their business to give hunters access to prime hunting land that hasn’t been heavily pressured; they know where to go and have paid the price/gotten permission for you to be there.

While you could be cheap and hunt public areas, the problem with those are that they’re usually crowded and “hyper-gunned”-- in other words, too much competition for little return.

Finally, hunting with North Dakota duck hunting outfitters can actually save hunters money because guides like Dan Hogfoss of Goosehog Outdoors lead you to a good spot with a quality blind surrounded by a proven decoy spread-- thus saving you time and money because you can get right to hunting rather than worrying about the expensive legwork that’s involved if you’re just going at it on your own.

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