North Dakota Duck Hunting Guide

When it comes to North Dakota duck hunting guides, you have a choice. The Dakotas are a prime area of the country for hunting waterfowl, so much so that there are more than a dozen hunting lodges, guides and outfitters to choose from. So what are some things to look for when choosing the best North Dakota duck hunting guides?

For starters, it’s all about reputation. You can easily check out people’s opinions online through various websites that offer reviews of various duck hunter guides. Of course, you can also do the old-fashioned thing and just ask around… hunters who’ve been hunting for a while will have formed strong opinions about various outfitters and will not mince words when telling you their thoughts about them. Typically, the best North Dakota duck hunting guides have been in business for years and built up a loyal following-- they’re the ones whom others talk positively about, both in-person and online. In hunting, as with most things, a good reputation matters.

When you’re looking for the best North Dakota duck hunting guides, you’ll want to consider what they offer and whether or not their offerings match what you both need and want for your particular hunt. For instance, do they include food and lodging with their package(s)? How about tools and gear used for hunting? How’s their transportation? Will they have ATVs gassed up and in good working order or do they require people to hike wearing packs on their backs? Some outfitters have hunters “rough it” while others provide so much that the hunter feels almost pampered. Depending on your expectations and budget, you can choose the best North Dakota duck hunting guides based on their offerings meeting your needs.

Goosehog Outdoors in the Dakotas has built a strong reputation and offers waterfowl hunts “of a lifetime” in the Dakotas. Contact expert hunter/guide Dan Hogfoss to book your hunt by calling 701-739-3130 or emailing